• Amazon Web Services

      AWS services are used to process personal data uploaded to the AWS services;
      Voximplant uses the controls available in AWS services, including security configuration controls, for the handling of personal data.

    • Google

      Google services are used to process and store real-time speech recognition results as well as call logs.

    • Mailchimp

      Mailchimp processes data to provide an email service, automation and marketing platform and other related services.

    • Servers.com

      Data processed in the context of hosting of the Voximplant’s websites, and associated online services, cloud storage of the Voximplant’s data, and associated online services.

    • LiquidWeb

      Processing necessary to provide the hosting services to Voximplant.

    • Voxbone

      Voxbone processes and hosts end-user information of telephone numbers that are assigned to Voximplant’s customers.

    • OVHcloud

      Dedicated servers provider Servers are used for in-call media processing purposes.

    • Intercom

      Data is processed to provide chat functionality for Voximplant users.

    • Chili Piper

      Data is processed for inbound lead conversion and scheduling.

    • Clearbit

      Clearbit provides data enrichment on marketing leads.

    • Zoominfo

      Data is processed to provide CRM insights tool.

    • Apollo

      Data is processed to provide services via sales platform.

    • ZeroBounce

      Data is processed to validate user's contacts and remove inactive email address from the list to have better email delivery performance.

    • SalesForce

      Data is processed for customer relationship management solutions.

    • Slack

      Data is processed for communication and internal collaboration purposes.

    • Descartes Visual Compliance

      Data is processed to screen for denied and restricted parties.

    • Microsoft (PowerBI, Office)

      Data is processed to report on various company metrics and Key Performance Indicators for reports and dashboards;
      For hosting services and Microsoft Office integration.

    • Atlassian (JIRA/Confluence)

      Data is processed to provide project management infrastructure.

    • Zapier

      Zapier provides services that connect and share data between services;
      Data is processed to connect some of the services listed above together.

    • Yesware

      Data is processed to provide Customer account administration and support services.

    • IBM

      IBM provides data warehousing services.

    • Zenlayer

      Data is processed for connectivity monitoring, logging and analytics purposes.

    • Salesloft

      Data is processed for business analytics purposes.

    • MF Management Ltd

      Data is processed to provide whatsapp connectivities for Voximplant users.