Automated Candidate Verification for HR

The HR department of Russian KFC restaurants receives over 15,000 resumes every month. The responses have two common features: some are filled out incorrectly, while others lose their relevance within a few hours. Thanks to the implementation of Voximplant platform modules, call center employees receive only applications verified by the robot from truly interested candidates.

During the recruitment process, the main problem that we faced was receiving several irrelevant applications that wasted our agents’ time. While these irrelevant
applications were processed, a promising candidate’s response would get overlooked. 

We realized the need for saving time wasted on examining each application. Automated calls were chosen as the quickest and least resource-consuming way of validating resumes. 

Implementation of the new technology has resulted in increased conversion: we currently hire 15-20% of all candidates. Furthermore, we’ve reduced the number of agents processing applications and almost entirely eliminated human-related risks. Thus, we’ve lowered recruitment costs in general, which is crucial for our business since our franchise partners also use this system for hiring.

Lyudmila Kislova
Head of HR Department, KFC


Low conversion of applicants into employees due to a large number of irrelevant applications

Russia’s KFC fast food outlets employ 22,000 employees annually. However, despite the steadily rising flow of applicants, the conversion rate for hiring employees remained below the desired level since the call center did not always have time to process the application before a vacancy was filled, or could not get through to the applicant due to mistakes made by the candidates when filling out the questionnaire. As a result, the company wasted energy and money on processing useless applications, whereas the call center managers could have used the wasted time to schedule interviews for interested candidates.


Robot for the initial screening of the applicants

A virtual assistant, based on the Voximplant platform, is integrated with KFC's HRM and CRM systems. After entering the questionnaire into the Voximplant system, it makes six dialing attempts within two days. If the robot’s call goes through, the respondent is asked whether he/she is interested in receiving more detailed information about the vacancy in question.


If the candidate answers in the affirmative, the robot talks about the vacancy. After checking the relevance of the questionnaire data, the robot places the call in queue for a call center employee. Before the conversation begins, the KFC employee receives information about the applicant in text form, on the basis of which they schedule the place and time of the interview convenient for the candidate.


If the call doesn’t go through, the robot assigns an “inactive” status to the application.


It is also important to note that in order to monitor the quality of the call center operations and further analysis, reports on campaigns in progress are generated in real time. The project administrator sees how many candidates the robot managed to process over a given period of time, which of them signed up for an interview, who did not pick up the phone, and whether there was a second confirmation of the appointment for an interview.

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Increased conversion due to efficient call center operations

Project implementation made it possible to reduce the processing time of one application by 1.5x. Agents began to work only with high-quality applications, processing up to 80 candidates per hour. Conversion to employee status increased by 11%; now 15-20% of applicants from the total number of applications are hired. At the same time, KFC managed to cut costs by reducing the number of call center agents by 1.5x.

Automated Candidate Verification for HR

KFC is a global fast food restaurant chain operating in 130 worldwide. The staff constitutes 300,000 employees, with over 25,000 of them working in Russia and CIS.

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