Q: What is Voximplant Kit?

A: Voximplant Kit is a smart and flexible tool that helps you create smart IVR and outgoing call campaigns. You need to create a call scenario, upload the customers' contact details and configure the call parameters. Everything else happens automatically.

Q: How can I test Voximplant Kit?

A: You can test any scenario: the system will call you on your personal phone number. To do this, click Test in the visual editor. Please note that test calls are charged. Make sure that your account has a sufficient balance. To use Voximplant Kit fully, buy and verify a phone number.

Q: I want to make a test call but the system requires me to verify my phone number. What should I do?

A: Simply verify your phone number :) It takes about 20 seconds to verify your personal phone number: you will receive an SMS message with a code, which you should enter into a special box.

Q: What is verification? Is it really necessary?

A: Verification means uploading documents, which confirm the identity of an individual / a legal entity, to the system. This procedure is mandatory according to the legislation of some countries. To pass verification as an individual, upload the scanned copies of the required documents. The maximum file size is 5 MB. To pass verification as a legal entity, you will be prompted to download the Offer Agreement. Fill in the Agreement and attach it to the verification form. You can monitor your application status on the Verification tab. You will be notified by email as soon as your application is approved or rejected.

Q: Can I make test calls after I've purchased a phone number?

A: Certainly, you can. Do you remember the Test button in the visual editor? It always works :)

Q: Can I buy a phone number of another country?

A: Yes, you can. To view the list of available countries, go to the Buy a number tab.

Q: How is the phone number paid for?

A: You can refill the balance online or request an invoice and pay it. The phone number rent fee is debited from your Voximplant Kit balance, not from your bank card.

Q: Can I pay for renting a phone number for more than 1 month?

A: Unfortunately, you can’t because Voximplant Kit automatically extends the rental period and the corresponding amount is debited from your account balance each month until you refuse to continue using the phone number.

Q: The system couldn’t extend the rental period (for example, there's not enough money). Will I lose my phone number?

A: No, you won’t. The number will be put on hold for 1 months awaiting payment. As soon as there’s enough money on your balance to extend the rental period, the number will become active again.

Q: I decided to stop using the phone number I bought. Will you refund my money?

A: It depends on whether you passed verification. After you refuse to continue using the number, you will immediately lose it; it will be available for purchasing again in 2 months.
If you passed verification, no refunds are possible.
If you did not pass verification, you will get a refund in 10 business days.

Q: I used the purchased number to call customers. What will happen if my customers call me back on that number?

A: Your customer will be able to call you back and you will be able to answer the call if you configure call forwarding to the phone number of your call center or your personal phone number (this is mandatory according to the Russian legislation). To configure call forwarding, go to the My Phone Numbers section. You can configure call forwarding separately for each phone number. IMPORTANT! A call campaign won't start without configured call forwarding.

Q: Can another person use my phone number?

A: No. You verify your phone number for yourself and bear personal responsibility for how you use the verified number.

Q: What are my responsibilities when I use Voximplant Kit?

A: By creating a call campaign, you certify:
1) that you lawfully obtained the customers' contact details for calling;
2) that the customers agreed to be notified in such a manner.
When you create a campaign, you must select the checkboxes with the corresponding requirements. Thus, creating a call campaign means that you have accepted the responsibilities according to the Russian legislation.

Q: Which browsers are supported by Voximplant Kit?

A: The following browsers are supported: Edge 16+, Firefox 58+, Chrome 61+, Opera 48+, Safari 11+, Yandex Browser, the latest version
It’s not recommended to use Internet Explorer 11, because some site elements could not be rendered properly.